Monday, July 14, 2008

Implore Uncle Jeff

I think it goes without saying that we here at Man Clauses like nice things. I for one love a nice looking website. The user friendly features therein give me a warm fuzzy feeling that is second to none. Nice looking websites make you want to come back, and I want all of you to come back.

Some of you might know that Uncle Jeff is an amazing graphic designer. He doesn’t even know I’m even writing this. I am blessed to call this man one of my best friends. The projects that I’ve seen of his are nothing short of mind-boggling. He’s never done something half-assed. Jeff takes the time to really learn about his product, interact with his clients, and produce an end product that everyone is always excited about. Armed with some sort of super human ability to enforce his amazing taste on a screen, I think now is a good time we implore him to make us an amazing looking logo.

Our current logo was made by myself, an idiotic wannabe oil-field engineer, who knows nothing about making things look nice or tasteful. So don’t blame it on me, as I plead ignorance. I’m thinking if enough of us write comments below, Jeff might take a keen interest in building this blog up into the greatness that I know it soon will be.

So leave a comment. There is no doubt he’ll see it. Tell him to take 10 minutes out of his busy day to make us something special… for the PEOPLE!

Just Sayin’ -T

Also, if you are in need of any website/man-whore graphic design/etc work and want to pay for an outstanding product, feel free to contact us on our email:


Anonymous said...

do it uncle jeff~ are you really that good!?

Jason said...

that one post he did was pretty good