Friday, September 12, 2008

Clause #30,000 - 30k Millionaires

For those of you that have been in a hole for the past 10 years, I'd like to address 30K Millionaires. A 30k Millionaire is a person, usually a guy, who makes around 30k a year, usually from working at a window tinting shop, loan office, or an occupation that does not by any means require a college degree. With his pitiful income, he spends it all on bottles of champagne at clubs, a boat, a nice car, and sometimes a 3-day trip to Vegas only to be left with nothing in his account but overdraft fees and possibly a pending loan.

30k Millionaire does this in order to make himself look like he's somebody, but in reality, he goes home at night and jacks off, using his own tears as lube. You see, it doesn't matter how much the person really makes. Anyone who lives well over their means to act cool and obtain notoriety is really in essence, a 30k Millionaire. This is specifically applicable for all you d-bag promoters and VIP hosts. You are usually the worst ones: Since you are, A. working for people that actually do well for a living, and B. are so easily swayed to want to be like them, you are generally laughed at by most of the normal population. My question is simply this: Why do you want to feel so "cool"?

Vegas has it's fair share of 30k Milli's, but I've actually heard that Dallas has the highest per capita 30k Milli population in America. This remains unverified. In Las Vegas, 30k Millionaires are easy to identify. First of all, they are "service industry". Did you hear that? Yes, I said SERVICE INDUSTRY. That means when I go out, you get to SERVE me and that is your life's purpose. Why would anyone slingin' drinks in a smoke-filled environment think that they are "the shit" at ANY point in time? To me, it seems like the antithesis of reason. Now don't get me wrong, I have quite a few completely normal friends that are bartenders, club promoters, and VIP hosts. However, they don't run around peeling out in their entry class Mercedes' as they pour out bottles of bub for the homies. These are normal, classy people that enjoy what they do, and take pride in their job.

That being said, there are complete idiots that ruin it for all of them. These people are completely into debt, wearing suits that are entirely over their pay grade. (Don't think I don't notice ya wearing the same one four times in a week). They drive imported cars, but rent out rooms in people's houses. They have no sustainable income (i.e. a salary). Their business is the cash business, and when they have it, they spend it. When they don't, they mooch free drinks off of my bottle in the club. Don't come at me like that and try to be my friend, little promoter, because I surely didn't drop your name to get in the door.

Vegas is like a 24/7 high school prom. Every night seems like everyone's "last" night to show off what they have. There is no future planning. Basically, the world is going to end tomorrow. Every 30K Millionaire that has $1,000 bucks in his pocket or some plastic is living for today only. Are you REALLY a baller? What is your investment strategy in the current burgeoning US economy? How many houses are you flipping right now for profit? What is your company matching for your 401K? What kind of tax breaks is your personal corporation getting you these days? I am an engineer and can make your yearly salary in ONE MONTH, bud. Seriously, I have made $30,000 in one month, and the only person I served was myself :) Why try to "floss" in front of me, player? Bottom line: I don't rub it in your face, so don't rub it in mine.

Not having a lot of money isn't a crime.(1) Acting like you do IS.

30K Milli's:
Turn from your ways and I will spare you from Satan's grasp.

Sayin' -T

(1): Yes, I know that is a double negative. Just play along. -T


Anonymous said...

ouch.. i didnt realize blogger was so kludgy. I enjoyed your rant. I think you are going to have to be a little more original and put a little more thought in your posts to see this blog progress.

Sounds like you should surround yourself with more creative people. There are some very talented people in this city. There is a real famous saying.. translated it goes, "Show me who you walk with and I will tell you who you are."

So, i didnt quite understand what you were hoping to accomplish. Where you trying to educate some people? Kinda like the Read a Book video ( Or just trying to make yourself feel better?

Tyler Q. said...


This blog hardly has a purpose and isn't trying to accomplish anything. It's a joke. We aren't trying to "progress" or get popular.

I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with some amazingly intelligent and/or talented people. However, it seems like the low-lifes are always noticed and some seep through the cracks.

Thanks for your criticism.

elaine said...

update ur ish!