Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clause #133 - She Wants to Know the Status of the Relationship on Day 2

I know we've all run into this as guys... and by guys, I mean men that aren't normally scared of commitment (so don't even go there). It happens to the best of us, and by that I mean to ladies too. But what's the deal with girls who want to talk about where the relationship(1) is going on the day you actually hung out for the first time? I consider myself to be a pretty understanding person. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, but why do women jump for cling-on status so fast? Keep it casual ladies, or you'll scare a man off so fast you'll feel your head spin because of the sheer briskness of his rate of movement away from your general direction.

Some things you should have experienced or know about a person before you want to talk about the status of the "relationship"(1):

1. The man's last name.

2. You should have visited their place of residence at least once. If this was a random hookup, then the first time doesn't count. Duhhh.

3. What kind of car he drives... which is not necessarily important to any degree, but it is a great general idea that you know something about him.

4. What he does for a living... also not important, but still important. (see #3)

This comes from a personal experience: I met a certain girl from a friend. Let's just call her "Jane" for the sake of anonymity. Jane was totally a nice girl, a little organic for my taste, but we were having fun, right? We went out drinking in a group setting and had a great time. The next day Jane wanted to talk. And by talk I mean spend more time on the phone deciphering our time together than the actual time we spent together. She struck me as confused... maybe I gave off the wrong signals? Who knows- it wouldn't have been the first time. So for that reason, I stayed on the phone with her and talked it out. After hanging up, I remember feeling like I hadn't accomplished anything. What a waste.

So what's the big deal?! Take your time, enjoy the person. Also enjoy Clause #133 as much as we do.

Just Sayin' -T

(1) By the word relationship I mean Webster's version, which is [a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings]. I do not mean to imply there is any sort of committed status anywhere therein.

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