Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clause #677 - She's 0.01% Insane

This was a topic that came to being one night when we were talking about the crazy things women do. It's sad to say, but Americans are pretty dang forgiving. How many times in a month can we hear about a Paris Hilton sex video or Britney Spears being a terrible mother and just shrug it off and forget it? That being said, consider a mostly normal, rational woman that you might hang out with on a day to day basis. She's pretty cool right?... pretty fun? Oh, I'm sure she is, but shes AT LEAST 0.01% insane.

1. Case in point, I was dating this Asian chick in Orange County for like a month. Things didn't work out and I lost interest (1), and I kind of broke things off. TWO WEEKS later I discovered she's dating my "best" friend(2) while at the same time wanted to heal things back up with me. That's flippin' 0.01% insane.

2. So I'm sitting at some random after-hours bar and it's like 5:30am. I am intoxicated. All of a sudden this cute girl with amazing cleavage sits right next to me and wants to chat. We have a pretty great conversation until I mentioned something about how I didn't think people that don't pay taxes should get to vote. Don't ask me how we got to this topic of conversation at 5:30am in an after-hours bar, please. Anyways, she then gets up, looks me straight in the face, and slaps me... not like a big slap, but it surely didn't feel good. Right then, she walked out of my life and I sat there dumbfounded. Like I said, 0.01% insane.

Just sayin' -T

(1): This always happens.
(2): Immediately after I ended things with this chick, I found out some extra terrible and diabolical things that my so-called "best" friend had done. So needless to say, shortly after he was kicked to the curb as well.

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