Monday, July 7, 2008

Clause #23 - sHe wRiTeZ LyKe tHiZ and the Retarded Tingles

Ok this one goes without saying... if you feel the need to capitalize every other letter in everything you write, then I'll completely blow you off every time. There is no salvation for your wretched soul and even if you repented, God would not shun you from His wrath. Your non existent IQ and dignity is next to the unborn fetus in the dumpster somewhere off Compton Blvd. If you ask me for sympathy, you can shove it. If you ask God for grace, I'm pretty sure He will tell you to get bent.

What is this meant to accomplish? Is it like wildstyle graffiti for keyboards? Typing like that makes your words more difficult to read and honestly, it hurts my eyes. So just off yourself. Use a gun. Run into a knife. Have anal sex with Courtney Love... whatever it takes. Just don't infect my planet anymore with your cataclysmal grammar.

I get what me and my friends like to call the "RETARDED TINGLES" when I see this nonsense. Retarded Tingles are basically when you feel completely embarrassed and sympathetic for what the person must be going through in other people's eyes. It's like watching Tom Selleck wearing a mini-skirt and playing in traffic... Can you really look away? You might experience the Retarded Tingles when you hear someone forget the words of the Star Spangled Banner during a major playoff game. I experience it when I see someone type words on a computer like they were raised by a 13 year old Asian kid with way too many video games.

Just sayin' -T

ps. And yes, that is a picture of me getting the Retarded Tingles

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better.